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Author: Dr. Ganesh B Kadam

No Photo Total Articles: 4 | Total Views: 27027 | Points Scored: 29,027

City: New Delhi | State: India

About Me: I am working on improvement of flower crops at Directorate of Floricultural Research, Pusa Campus, New Delhi-12

Articles by Dr. Ganesh B Kadam:
  • Keeping Gladiolus Spikes Fresh For Longer Time ( 18040 reads)   

    In various flower and decoration arrangements gladiolus is prime cut flower but its very important to keep them fresh for long duration. To keep gladiolus fresh and at presentable form it requires ample clean water and heavy nutrients in vase solutions so that each floret on spike remains open till end. - Category: Others
  • Colour Modification in Ornamentals Through Genetic Engineering ( 3519 reads)   

    With globally increasing demand for flowers with novel colours has created huge demand for rare and unusual colours in ornamental crops and the result of that every day novel varieties are being added to the market. But the conventional techniques of creating variability has certain limitation and to overcome this problem, genetic engineering is a much needed tool. - Category: Agriculture
  • Growing of Bougainvillea in Farm Houses ( 2985 reads)   

    Bougainvillea can be grown in any kind of climatic condition upto the altitude of 2300 MSL, except water logging condition. They are popularly used in landscaping, pot culture and graden decoration due to its colourful bracts, bi-colour leaves and the most important; it flowers profusely during the summer when none of ornamental plant flowers so profusely. - Category: Agriculture
  • Recycling of Home Waste for Gardening ( 2483 reads)   

    Home garden can be self sufficient in its own way. All waste from homes like news papers, plastic bags, food waste, vegetable remains, fruit waste, broken utensils, ice cream cups, plastic and glass bottles, etc can be potential material to be part of your home garden by one or another way. - Category: Agriculture

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