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Author: Dr. Jai Prakash

No Photo Total Articles: 9 | Total Views: 22385 | Points Scored: 26,885

City: Delhi | State: Delhi (India)

About Me: Senior Scientist, Horticulture-Fruit Science, ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi

Articles by Dr. Jai Prakash:
  • Papaya Ring Spot Virus in Papaya ( 190 reads)   

    Papaya (Carrica papaya) is one of the most important horticultural crops of the country. Viruses are major limiting factor for the commercial cultivation of papaya n both tropical and subtropical world and nowadays worldwide Papaya ring spot virus (PRSV) is most destructive disease to hinder commercial cultivation. - Category: Agriculture
  • Papaya Leaf Curl Virus ( 269 reads)   

    Papaya (Carrica papaya) is one of the most important horticultural crops of the country. India is the largest producer of papaya in the world. The major limiting factor in cultivation of papaya is its susceptibility to viral diseases e.g. papaya leaf curl (PalCV) particularly in northern parts of India. - Category: Agriculture
  • Varietal Wealth of Papaya in India ( 2420 reads)   

    Papaya is very important fruit crop in tropical and subtropical region of India. The large numbers of papaya varieties are dioecious and yellow in pulp colour. The new introduced hybrids from foreign countries have changed the face of papaya Industry in India. - Category: Agriculture
  • Varietal Wealth of Pineapple in India ( 922 reads)   

    Pineapple is an important fruit crop in several states of India. However, limited number of commercial varieties is also affecting the productivity and profitability of farms. - Category: Agriculture
  • Epicotyl Grafting: A useful techniques of Mango Propagation ( 4665 reads)   

    Elite plant materials are the base of successful fruit production. The targets of the enhancing Mango production in the coming years will be achieved only through production and distribution of healthy, genuine and quality planting material of commercial/improved varieties of Mango. - Category: Agriculture
  • Problem of Mites - Papaya Production in Polyhouse ( 1617 reads)   

    Papaya is very important fruit crop in tropical and subtropical region of India and Globe as well. The cultivation of papaya in polyhouse/nethouse has given the hope of virus free fruit production but simultaneously mite has been observed as major destructive pest. - Category: Agriculture
  • Choke Throat of Bananas ( 1730 reads)   

    Banana is a globally important fruit crop including India it supports livelihood of millions of people. The growers of across the globe are experiencing the low productivity and profitability due to choke throat problem of banana. - Category: Agriculture
  • Softwood Grafting: A Commercial Propagation Technique of Mango ( 6745 reads)   

    The technique of Softwood grafting is becoming commercial technique in most of the mango producing states of the country. The grafting operation is performed on 6 month to 10 month-old rootstocks. - Category: Agriculture
  • Floral Biology of Papaya ( 3827 reads)   

    Papaya is a polygamous plant three basic types of flowers viz. staminate, pistillate and hermaphrodite (bisexual). Of these, only pistillate is stable, whereas flowers of hermaphrodite and male vary in sex expression under different environmental conditions. - Category: Genetics

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