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Author: Dr. Kishor Uttamrao Tribhuvan

No Photo Total Articles: 1 | Total Views: 198 | Points Scored: 698

City: Ranchi | State: Jharkhand (India)

About Me: I am a scientist at ICAR- Indian Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology, Ranchi

Articles by Dr. Kishor Uttamrao Tribhuvan:
  • Biogenesis of siRNA: Exogenous or Endogenous? ( 198 reads)   

    siRNA generated in plants and animals not only exogenously originated in response to infection of viruses, bacteria or other parasitic organism but also it originated from genes located in pericentromeric, transposable element and repetitive region of the host genome. RNA polymerase IV and RNA polymerase V is responsible for biosynthesis of these endogenously originating siRNAs and processed in to mature and functional siRNA with the help of enzyme DCL3, AGO4 or AGO6 and RDR2. - Category: Biotech Research

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