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Author: Dr.(Mrs) K. Usha

No Photo Total Articles: 6 | Total Views: 28746 | Points Scored: 31,746

City: Delhi | State: Delhi

About Me: Principal Scientist, Division of Fruits and Horticulture Technology, IARI, New Delhi

Articles by Dr.(Mrs) K. Usha:
  • Vegetative Propagation in Cashew ( 3170 reads)   

    Cashew can be propagated by seed as well as vegetative means. Since, cashew is a highly cross pollinated crop, seedling progenies are highly variable in nature. Hence, various standardized vegetative propagation methods have been described to obtain true-to-the-type progenies - Category: Agriculture
  • Top Working in Cashew ( 1839 reads)   

    Rejuvenation of unproductive and senile cashew trees.Top working is a technique evolved to rejuvenate unproductive and senile cashew trees. Top working can successfully rejuvenate poor yielders in the age group of 5-20 years. - Category: Agriculture
  • Alternate Bearing in Fruit Trees ( 8192 reads)   

    Alternate bearing or biennial bearing is one of the major problems in many fruit crops. Each fruit tree in commercial bearing does not bear equal crop year after year, which makes fruit cultivation less remunerative to the growers and fruit traders. - Category: Agriculture
  • Use of Plant Regulators in Propagation of Horticultural Crops ( 7971 reads)   

    Plant Growth Regulators or PGRs - Plant hormones are not nutrients, but chemicals that in small amounts promote and influence the growth, development, and differentiation of cells and tissues. - Category: Agriculture
  • Propagation by Different Specialized Plant Parts, Cutting and Layering in Fruit Crops ( 5254 reads)   

    Most plants reproduce sexually from seeds, but some can be reproduced (or multiplied) by vegetative parts such as stems, roots, and leaves. In addition, some plants produce modified stems and/or roots, referred to here as specialized structures that accumulate food reserves and therefore have built-in regeneration potential and are valuable as vegetative propagates. - Category: Agriculture
  • Fruit Exports and Strategies to Enhance Export Competitiveness ( 2320 reads)   

    India's exports of fruits are rising but they still remain abysmally low when compared with production. The effect of growth in export of fruits on the Indian market does not seem to be visible as the share of exports of fruits were only 0.55 per cent of their total production in 2010-11(Source: Minister of State for Commerce and Industry). In spite of being one of the largest producers of fruits in the world, India's share in the value of world exports in many fruits is ridiculously low at much less than one per cent. - Category: Agriculture

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