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Author: Dr. N. C. Gupta

Author Photo Total Articles: 5 | Total Views: 10358 | Points Scored: 12,858

City: New Delhi | State: New Delhi

About Me: Scientist at National Research Centre on Plant Biotechnology, Pusa Campus, New Delhi. My area of work is to Increase the crop productivity by utilizing the different biotechnological approaches.

Articles by Dr. N. C. Gupta:
  • Sclerotinia Stem Rot Disease and its Management in Brassica Sp. ( 1121 reads)   

    India is one of the leading producers of oil seed Brassicas accounting for 11.12 % of the world's rapeseed-mustard production, and ranks third in the world next to China and Canada and Sclerotinia stem rot disease is a menace during late flowering and maturity of plants resulting up to 80% loss of yield causing a major drop in oil seed economy. - Category: Agriculture
  • An Arabidopsis Phenomics Study in T-DNA Insertion Mutant Population ( 819 reads)   

    Phenomics with detailed information about tagged populations provides a good tool for functional genomics analysis. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Biotechnological Approaches for Isolating the Genes of Agronomic Significance ( 2285 reads)   

    Identification and isolation of the novel genes from different plant species is an important aspects of the molecular biology research. This article mainly emphasize the various biotechnological approaches those has been been routinely utilized for cloning the genes of agricultural importance. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Characterization of a Plant RNA Pol-II Promoter Sequence ( 2688 reads)   

    Detailed analysis of a promoter sequence is usually required to firmly validate their function as well as decipher the way for their possible implication in crop improvement program. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Isolation of a Plant Promoter by T-DNA Insertional Mutagenesis ( 3445 reads)   

    Promoter of a gene plays an important role in regulating the expression behavior of a gene and determines when, where and to what extent that gene will be expressed. There are several strategies known to identify a plant promoter in which insertional mutagenesis approach is comparatively technically less demanding and more expedient. Once the promoter trapped line becomes available one of the appr - Category: Biotech Research

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