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Author: Dr. Prawin Arya

No Photo Total Articles: 4 | Total Views: 26544 | Points Scored: 28,544

City: New Delhi | State: New Delhi (India)

About Me: Senior Scientist at Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute (IASRI), New Delhi -12

Articles by Dr. Prawin Arya:
  • Sheep Production System in Rajasthan | Sheep Wool and Meat ( 3280 reads)   

    The study was undertaken to examine the trends in sheep production system in Rajasthan. Although, sheep population increased impressively in Rajasthan since independence, but there was a decreasing trend in the recent past in the state and in almost all the districts. Wool production showed a declining trend and sheep meat production showed moderate growth in the state. The decline in wool production in the state could be on account of decrease in sheep population, low price and poor handling of wool. The temporary migration was found to be declining and permanent migration was increasing with an overall increasing trend in sheep migration in the state. Therefore, to sustain sheep production system in the state, urgent attention is needed for subsidized fodder and feed during drought, effective and subsidised credit to arrest the distress sale of animals, development of processing facilities and reforms in the small ruminant markets. - Category: Agriculture
  • Chrysanthemum Flowers: Economics of Production and Marketing in T.N. ( 15079 reads)   

    Chrysanthemum flower cultivation is very popular in Tamil Nadu and occupied 9 per cent of total flower area in the state. On account of good area under chrysanthemum cultivation, Krishnagiri District of Tamil Nadu was selected for primary data collection. - Category: Agriculture
  • An Economic Analysis of Jasmine Cultivation in Tamil Nadu ( 6343 reads)   

    Tamil Nadu stands second in the area under flower cultivation and production of loose flowers in India. Jasmine flower cultivation is very popular in the state. Therefore, the study was undertaken to examine the economics of jasmine production and to identify the constraints to jasmine production and marketing using primary data collected from the Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu in 2008-09. - Category: Agriculture
  • Equivalence And Optimization : A Case Of Partial Triallel Circulant Designs [PDF] ( 1842 reads)   

    This research deals with the important question in deciding whether a circulant partial triallel cross (PTC) can be obtained from another PTC by just randomizing (relabelling) the lines. This helps to choose the optimum designs with minimum efforts and supplies the interpretation and solutions to the conjecture of Hinkelmann (1967). Statements and theorems relating to the above-mentioned paper have been critically reviewed and needfully modified. PTC's of size 3N and 4N have been proposed and optimum PTC's for parents N=6 to 20 have also been listed. - Category: Genetics

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