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Author: Dr. Rakesh Kumar

No Photo Total Articles: 6 | Total Views: 10351 | Points Scored: 13,351

City: Karnal | State: Haryana, India

About Me: Senior Scientist(Agronomy) at National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal. My area of work is Forage Agronomy.

Articles by Dr. Rakesh Kumar:
  • Need, Objectives, Programmes and Challenges for a Second Green Revolution ( 3663 reads)   

    This article deals with the need of second green revolution along with its objectives and different programmes, which can lead to second green revolution. The challenges which are likely to encounter are also enumerated - Category: Agriculture
  • HCN Toxicity in Green Fodder ( 891 reads)   

    During prolonged stress in crop chances of HCN toxicity are increased. This article deals with introduction, causes and management options related to HCN toxicity. - Category: Agriculture
  • Nitrate Toxicity in Green Fodder during Prolonged Foggy-Cloudy-Frosty Weather ( 919 reads)   

    During prolonged foggy and frosty weather chances of nitrate toxicity are increased due to less availability of solar radiation for energy production. This scarcity causes reduction in conversion of nitrate to protein synthesis. Hence more amount of nitrate accumulates in plant. This article deals with introduction, causes and management options. - Category: Agriculture
  • Importance of Maize as Multipurpose Crop ( 1285 reads)   

    Maize which is also known as Queen of Cereal crops as it is used for various purposes viz. human consumption, feed and fodder for live stock, poultry feed and various industrial purposes. This article deals with importance as animal feed and fodder. - Category: Agriculture
  • Fodder Production (Status, constraints, strategies) ( 1514 reads)   

    The year round green fodder availability is backbone of dairy farming. Present article deals with present status of fodder production, constraints and strategies for enhancing it. - Category: Agriculture
  • Advantage and Limitation of Silage Making ( 2079 reads)   

    In commercial dairy farming fodder and feed for the cattle is an expensive proposition and maintaining green fodder availability round the year is a challenge. In the era of commercial dairy farming it is desirable that surplus green herbage are to be preserved /conserved with minimum loss of nutrients for supply during lean periods when availability of organic fresh forage is meager or negligible (mid October-mid December and mid April-June). Silage is an option for such situation, have some advantages and limitation. These are enlisted in this article. - Category: Agriculture

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