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Author: Dr. Sunanda Biswas

No Photo Total Articles: 8 | Total Views: 5377 | Points Scored: 9,377

City: New Delhi | State: Delhi, India


Articles by Dr. Sunanda Biswas:
  • Integrated Nutrient Management for Improvement of Yield and Quality of Vegetables ( 485 reads)   

    Vegetables are integral part of human diet by supplying micronutrients, vitamin, minerals, phenolic acids, and dietary fiibre which protects human health from certain types of diseases like cancer, high blood pressure etc. Vegetable quality depends on soil quality, fertilization, and handling methods in market. Integrated nutrient management plays a major role in improving the yield and quality of vegetables - Category: Agriculture
  • Jute Fields: Soil Test and Target Yield Based Fertilizer Application ( 478 reads)   

    Jute is one of the most important fibre crop popularly known as golden fibre crop. Soil Test Crop Response (STCR) correlation studies at CRIJAF, Barrackpore, developed target yield equations for jute var. JRO-128 and validity of these targeted yield equations were tested in farmers' fields through follow up trials on jute (var. JRO 128) at Haringhata block of Nadia district in West Bengal. Results showed that ST-TY based fertilizer application with FYM produced highest yield and B:C ratio - Category: Agriculture
  • Mustard Farming: Effect of Soil Test and Targeted Fertilizer Application ( 461 reads)   

    Mustard is one of the most important oil seed crops. Front line demonstration of mustard was conducted on farmers field to observe the effect of ST-TY based fertilizer application. Results showed that ST-TY based fertilizer application was superior as compared to farmer's practice - Category: Agriculture
  • Soil and Water Management Strategies for Sustainable Production in Coastal-Saline Zone of West Bengal [PDF] ( 838 reads)   

    The ecology of the coastal region is extremely fragile and vulnerable to serious degradation due to anthropogenic activities. The sustainability of agriculture in the coastal ecosystem of West Bengal is seriously threatened by water logging and soil salinity. High unemployment and extremely poor livelihood security is the characteristic feature of the rural life of the coastal region. A suitable soil and water management strategies is therefore required to mitigate the ill effects of degraded coastal land and water for sustained productivity - Category: Agriculture
  • Soil Resilience: A New Approach to Recover Degraded Soil ( 442 reads)   

    Soil resilience has been defined as the capacity of soil to recover its functional and structural integrity after a disturbance. It can be measured from the SQI value before and after management intervention - Category: Agriculture
  • Soil Biodiversity - Types, Methods of Study and Indices ( 642 reads)   

    Soil biodiversity encompasses all organisms that live in the soil, whether they are single-cell organisms or multi-cell animals or plants. An understanding of soil biodiversity perspectives in agricultural context is important and useful to arrive at measures that can act as indicators of soil quality and plant productivity - Category: Agriculture
  • Soil Health- A Holistic Approach for Soil Management ( 816 reads)   

    Soil health encompasses physical, chemical and biological attributes of soil involved in various soil functions. Soil health evaluation processes consist of stepwise actions viz. selection of soil health indicators, MDS formulation, interpretation of indices and on farm validation.. - Category: Agriculture
  • Role of Belowground Organisms in Maintaining Soil Health ( 1215 reads)   

    Soil flora and fauna plays an important role in maintaining soil health as most of the processes in soil are microbial mediated process. Soil microorganisms perform many functions in soil such as nitrogen fixation, phosphate solubilization, cellulose decomposition - Category: Agriculture

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