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Author: Dr. Sundeep Kumar

No Photo Total Articles: 2 | Total Views: 3604 | Points Scored: 4,604

City: New Delhi | State: Delhi, India

About Me: Senior Scientist at ICAR- National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources,Pusa, New Delhi.

Articles by Dr. Sundeep Kumar:
  • Molecular Markers in Crop Improvement ( 2151 reads)   

    Molecular markers have found large scale applications in crop improvement programs, because of several advantages over morphological and biochemical markers. Molecular markers are environmentally neutral, highly abundant, and independent of tissue and stage of the plants. Traditionally, breeders have relied on visible traits to select improved varieties however; MAS rely on identifying marker DNA sequences that are inherited alongside a desired trait during the first few generations. Molecular markers are also considered as useful tools for pyramiding of different resistance genes and developing multi-line cultivars targeting for durable resistance to the disease. - Category: Genetics
  • Screening Plant Genetic Resources for Novel Alleles in Cereals ( 1453 reads)   

    Screening of old land races and germplasm collection laying in the different gene banks of the world is essentially required to address the challenges which are due to global climate changes. Mobilation of useful traits/genes through introgression from these age old germplasm may be big hope for growing population of the world. - Category: Genetics

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