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Author: Hannibal Musarurwa

No Photo Total Articles: 4 | Total Views: 38107 | Points Scored: 40,107

City: Stellenbosch | State: Western Cape, SA

About Me: Postgraduate student working genetic engineering of pharmaceutical plants.

Articles by Hannibal Musarurwa:
  • Gene Transfer Techniques: Biolistics, Bacterial and Viral Transformation ( 11052 reads)   

    Genetic engineering is largely depended on the gene transfer techniques. This paper gives a brief description on the most used methods in biotechnology laboratories. The techniques vary from biolistics, bacterial and viral transformation. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Everyday Hazards in Biotechnology Lab. ( 6371 reads)   

    Common hazards and dangers of working in a biotech laboratory: Life in the lab can be risky if care is not taken as we carry out our duties. There are lot chemicals (many mutagenic and in some cases carcinogenic) and many machines that can potentially harm lab occupants. Thus life in the lab must be characterized by diligence caution and responsibility. - Category: Careers
  • Metabolite Engineering of Secondary Compound ( 3776 reads)   

    Secondary compounds are a group of metabolite produced in plant in low quantities but are now being used widely for a variety of human needs including medicine. Their production can be enhanced by application of metabolite engineering, a techniques that enhances the biosynthetic productivity of plant systems. - Category: Others
  • Recombinant DNA Technology and the Pharmaceutical Industry ( 16908 reads)   

    Recombinant DNA and gene transfer technology were largely responsible for the growth of the biopharmaceutical industry in the last decade. Approval of genetically engineered human insulin triggered a release of many other protein drugs which translated to rapid growth of pharmaceutical companies. This article attempts to show how some big biotech companies cashed in on this technology. - Category: Biotechnology products

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