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City: KATHUA | State: Jammu and Kashmir, India

About Me: I am a voracious reader of the scientific research in biotechnology.

Articles by ILA RUCHIE:
  • DNA Polymerases: Types, Roles and Significance in Biotechnology ( 9817 reads)   

    DNA molecules are the troves of genetic information of an organism. DNA is the basis of life and is transferred from parent to offspring's. The DNA content of the parent is doubled by means of replication mechanism aided by a specific enzyme, DNA polymerases. DNA polymerase plays a central role in process of life and carries a weighty responsibility of making an accurate copy of the cell's genome. - Category: DNA
  • Host Genetic Factors: Relevance in Helicobacter Pylori Associated Gastric Carcinogenesis ( 1247 reads)   

    Helicobacter pylori colonizes the majority of persons worldwide, and the ensuing gastric inflammatory response is the strongest singular risk factor for peptic ulceration and gastric cancer. However, only a fraction of colonized individuals ever develop clinically significant outcomes. Disease risk is combinatorial and can be modified by bacterial factors, host responses, and/or specific interactions between host and microbe. - Category: Genetics

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