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Author: Poonam Kumari

No Photo Total Articles: 4 | Total Views: 789 | Points Scored: 2,789

City: New Delhi | State: Delhi, India

About Me: I am currently pursuing Ph.D in Floriculture and Landscaping from Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi.

Articles by Poonam Kumari:
  • Diseases and Pests of Flower Crops ( 81 reads)   

    Flower crops are attacked by several pests and diseases. Several pests act as vectors for various diseases which cause considerable yield loss. Chemical control is expensive, time being and health hazardous. Genetic resistance is the cheapest and the best method of minimizing such losses. Initially to obtain resistant varieties knowledge of genetics with respect to pest and disease is essential. - Category: Agriculture
  • Value Addition of Flowers through Bleaching and Dyeing ( 220 reads)   

    Dried and preserved plant materials are essential items in flower trade and also popular for home decor. Dried materials can be used in vases, baskets, plaques, shadow boxes, and fresh flower arrangements. They also may be used as wall decorations, on gift boxes, and in wreaths, corsages, and leis. - Category: Agriculture
  • Freeze Drying: A Novel Technique for Flowers Drying ( 247 reads)   

    Freeze drying can be used for preserving flowers and is particularly popular for wedding bouquet preservation. Petals can also be freeze dried and used for decorations at weddings, dinner parties and other occasions, for decorating cakes and scattering on tables etc - Category: Applications
  • Growing Media for Horticultural Crops ( 241 reads)   

    Growing media are materials that plants grow in. Growing media is specifically designed to support plant growth and can either be a solid or a liquid. Different components are blended to create commercial growing media. Different types of growing media are used to cultivate various plants. - Category: Agriculture

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