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Author: Pradeep Sharma

No Photo Total Articles: 2 | Total Views: 4082 | Points Scored: 5,082

City: Karnal | State: Haryana

About Me: I am an Plant Biotechnology Researcher have interests on genomics, markers, RNAi

Articles by Pradeep Sharma:
  • Role of RNAi in Crop Improvement ( 2218 reads)   

    RNA interference (RNAi) is involved in sequence-specific gene regulation driven by the introduction of dsRNA resulting inhibition of translation or transcriptional repression. Impact of RNAi to improve the crop plants has proved to be a novel approach in combating the biotic and abiotic stresses and the nutritional improvement including reduced content of food allergens and toxic compounds. It has been employed successfully to bring about modifications of several desired traits in different plants. - Category: Agriculture
  • Wheat genome sequence applications ( 1864 reads)   

    Wheat is the second largest growing food cereal crop worldwide. It covers about 30% food requirement of world population. It is estimated that by 2030, India needs to produce 130 million tonnes of wheat to feed constantly growing population. - Category: Agriculture

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