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Author: Pravin L. Deshmukh

No Photo Total Articles: 5 | Total Views: 1637 | Points Scored: 4,137

City: Akola | State: Maharashtra, India

About Me: Ph.D. scholar, Department of Horticulture, Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth, Akola, Maharashtra.

Articles by Pravin L. Deshmukh:
  • Physiological Disorders in Fruit Crops [PDF] ( 195 reads)   

    The productivity as well as the quality of fruit crops is affected to a greater extent due to the physiological disorders. Therefore, it is necessary to know the causes and symptoms properly to manage these disorders for increased quality production. Disturbance in the plant metabolic activities resulting from an excess or deficit of environmental variables like atmospheric temperature, light, aeration, atmospheric humidity and soil health result in crop disorders. Physiological disorders have become widespread and can control by using of tolerant, resistant varieties, growth regulators, cultural operation, systematic irrigation and adoption of high density planting. The incidence and severity of these physiological disorders vary with locality, season, cultivar and orchard management practices. - Category: Agriculture
  • Meadow Orcharding in Guava Fruit Production ( 482 reads)   

    Meadow Orchard System is a new concept of guava planting which has been developed for the first time in India at Central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture, Lucknow - Category: Applications
  • Diagnosis of Nutritional Disorders in Fruit Crops ( 209 reads)   

    In fruit crops, the deficiency of micronutrients causes many more disorders than that of macronutrients. Nutritional disorders have become widespread with diminishing use of organic manures, adoption of high density planting, use of root stocks for dwarfing, disease and salt tolerance, unbalanced NPK fertiliser application and extension of horticulture to marginal lands. To get high quality fruit and yields, micronutrient deficiencies have to be detected before visual symptoms are expressed - Category: Agriculture
  • Major Problems in Fruiting of Horticultural Fruit Crops ( 292 reads)   

    It is common that the fruit grower is often faced with difficult situation of poor fruiting in his orchard. The tree may be in good health and may not show any apparent cause of the malady. The growth and fruitfulness of a plant is greatly influenced by various external as well as internal factors. - Category: Agriculture
  • Rejuvenation of Technology in Fruit Crops ( 459 reads)   

    India is a vast country and is gifted with a variety of soils and climates. Thus, almost all kinds of fruits can be grown successfully in this country, hence there is tremendous increase in the production of horticultural crops especially fruits which is due to specialized new interventions and use of latest research technological tools, the country is now among the top fruit producing countries of the world ranking second followed to China. But, it is a matter of great surprise that in spite of provision of adequate resources, the per capita consumption of fruits here is perhaps one of the lowest in the world. The existing orchards are not able to meet the present requirements of the country. Poor selection of planting material, haphazard plantation and poor management has made many orchards uneconomic. The old and senile orchards are now reverting towards a declining trend of production because of plant age factor, non-compatible varieties and poor canopy management. The present paper aims at highlighting the basics of rejuvenating the old and senile orchards to increase production and meet the present need and optimize the fruit potential of our country. - Category: Applications

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