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Author: Rajni Singh

No Photo Total Articles: 4 | Total Views: 7858 | Points Scored: 9,858

City: Noida | State: Uttar Pradesh

About Me: Presently Additional Director in AIMB, working on formulation of microbial consortia for biodegradation of organic wastes, production & purification of protease,lipase,their molecular characterization

Articles by Rajni Singh:
  • Agricultural Risk Management and Mitigation Strategies for Climate Change ( 262 reads)   

    Climate change alters the agriculture production and incomes. Several studies have reported that climate change trends are important for determining both past and future impacts on crop yields at sub continental to global scales. Current initiatives to address climate-related risks are heavily oriented towards reactive emergency response. To save agricultural livelihoods, there is urgent need for a shift from this reactive approach to proactive climate risk management. Agriculture sector can contribute to mitigation as a consequence of improving productivity and sustainability. - Category: Agriculture
  • Polymer Production by Bacterial Strains ( 297 reads)   

    As of late there has been a consistent quest for new water-solvent polysaccharides, especially those created by microorganisms. These biopolymers have the great interest due to their application potential in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and oil businesses, where they are utilized as thickening, balancing out and emulsifying operators oil industries. These biopolymers have the rheological properties so they are used for the identification of new production sources. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Natural Dyes For Antimicrobial Clothing ( 4240 reads)   

    Natural Dyes are the colors extracted from plants, insects & minerals (table). Natural Dyes along with natural fabrics are protective to skin. These can improve human body's aura along with the inhibition of the bacterial growth due to sweat and other reasons. However synthetic dyes are in majority toxic in nature and increase the toxicity of the sweat manifold, which results in various allergies - Category: Healthcare
  • Fungi as Builders For Nanomaterials ( 3059 reads)   

    An important challenge in nanotechnology is to tailor optical, electric and electronic properties of nanoparticles by controlling the size and shape. Utilization of microbe for synthesis of nanoparticles with different chemical composition, size/shapes and controlled monodispersity to develop environmental friendly nanoparticle without using toxic chemicals in the synthesis protocol. - Category: Nanotechnology

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