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Author: Rajni Sinha

No Photo Total Articles: 3 | Total Views: 2251 | Points Scored: 3,751

City: Bhagalpur | State: Bihar, India

About Me: I am a Ph.D student in fruit science department of BAC, Sabour

Articles by Rajni Sinha:
  • Granulation : A Major Threat in Citrus Production ( 917 reads)   

    Granulation is a serious pre-harvest disorder of juice sacs of citrus fruit which drastically affect citrus production. The actual cause of this malady is unknown - Category: Agriculture
  • Evolution in Agriculture with 1-Methylcyclopropene ( 580 reads)   

    Endogenous ethylene production is an essential part of ripening of climacteric fruit but it is avoidable for long storage purpose which can be controlled by 1-MCP - Category: Agriculture
  • Partial Root Zone Drying : An Advanced Approach of Irrigation ( 754 reads)   

    Evaluating the pressures associated with climate change, population growth and deteriorating agricultural practices generates a irrigation management technique as PRD that reduce water use without a decline in yield, and tends to increase in water use efficiency - Category: Agriculture

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