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Author: Rohini Bansode

Author Photo Total Articles: 5 | Total Views: 22257 | Points Scored: 24,757

City: Thrissur | State: Kerala (India)

About Me: I am a 3rd year Ph.d. Research Scholar at Kerala Agricultural University, Thrissur, pursuing Doctorate in Plant Biotechnology.

Articles by Rohini Bansode:
  • Methods of DNA Shuffling ( 3762 reads)   

    Information on methods of DNA shuffling and their applications in different areas. Tools to generate recombined genes. Applications and advantages of DNA shuffling. - Category: DNA
  • Xenobiotic Compounds and Their Types ( 7455 reads)   

    Present article describes about the xenobiotic compounds and types of recalcitrant xenobiotic compounds. - Category: Others
  • Phytoremediation: Super-plants Technology to Clean up the Environment ( 2876 reads)   

    Toxic heavy metals have led to the contamination of environment and are harmful to the human health. Phytoremediation is the use of green plants and their associated microorganisms, soil amendments and agronomic practices to remove, contain or render harmless environmental contaminants. - Category: Environmental Biotechnology
  • Black Pepper - A King of Spices in Indian Life ( 2059 reads)   

    Black pepper (Piper nigrum L.) is most important and widely used spice in the world which belongs to the family Piperaceae, grown in the south western region of India. It is a major source of income and employment to small and marginal farmers in the States of Kerala. - Category: Agriculture
  • Trichoderma: A Boon to Plant Disease Management ( 6105 reads)   

    Fungal plant diseases are a major concern in agricultural food production worldwide. So there is a pressing need to control fungal diseases to ensure a steady and constant food supply to ever increasing world population. In recent years, biological control of plant pathogens has received increasing attention as a promising supplement to chemical control. The present paper discuss about importance Trichoderma as bio control agent and its mechanism of action for future plant disease management. - Category: Agriculture

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