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Author: Rose 13

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Articles by Rose 13:
  • Is Loss of Hairs ... Loss of Life or Health? ( 2270 reads)   

    Hairs on human body show the beauty of a person. The number of hairs on the body of a human varies from person to person. Some peoples have long and thick hairs and some others have short and thin hairs. Some times in the life of an individual loss his/ her hairs due to several reasons. Many factors affects on the health of the hairs.Heart diseases are diseases which have diseases related to heart and blood vessels. There are many types of heart diseases like Coronary heart disease , Hypertensive heart disease, Cardiomyopathy, Cor pulmonale, Heart failure, Cardiac dysrhythmias etc.Loss of hairs linked with the heart diseases.The biological link in loss of hair and chronic heart disease is that there may be cause of elevated level of male hormones. According to researchers, in the scalp the density of male hormones like testosterone are high, this high level associated with increased risk of blood clotting. In the females the pattern is same, in increase in male hormones associated with increased risk of diabetes, obesity, blood pressure and cholesterol which all links with heart disease. - Category: Others
  • Colon Cancer - A Genetic Disorder of Colon ( 2836 reads)   

    Cell is the basic element of the living beings. Human body made with millions of cells. In our daily life many cell are destroyed and when the cell is destroyed the human body make a new same cell. In this process many errors occur, some of these mistakes are corrected by additional elegant systems... - Category: Genetics
  • Cystic Fibrosis - A Genetic Disease in Pancreas ( 2446 reads)   

    Cystic Fibrosis has two main characteristics fibrosis means scarring and cyst development in pancreas. It affects the liver, intestine, pancreas and mostly the lungs due to infection in lungs the person feel difficulty in breathing on the other hand abnormality in pancreas stops the natural enzymes which absorb the food. It also affects on the glands whose produce mucus and sweat. Mucus build up also encourage the growth of bacteria. They lose large amount of salt which made unhealthy imbalance of minerals in the blood. It is due to abnormal transfer of sodium and chloride crossway an epithelium. First time it diagnosis in the early days the death rate was high only some person lived until elementary school. With passage of time the life of patient extended till 30s and 40s with help of medical treatment. - Category: Genetics

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