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Author: Ruchi V. Trivedi

No Photo Total Articles: 3 | Total Views: 2375 | Points Scored: 3,875

City: Baroda | State: Gujarat, India

About Me: I did Ph. D. with specialization in Plant Molecular biology and Biotechnology and 3 years of research experience in Agriculture biotechnology.

Articles by Ruchi V. Trivedi:
  • Quality Considerations in Food Crops ( 642 reads)   

    Plant based foods offer an array of nutrients essential for human nutrition and promote good health. Development of food crops with enhanced nutritional traits is a prime requirement which can be catered and achieved through combination of conventional and molecular breeding. - Category: Agriculture
  • Application of Cis-Intragenesis in Crop Improvement ( 681 reads)   

    Cisgenesis and intragenesis are as safe as Plantbreding. Cisgenesis is a genetic modification of a recipient plant with a natural gene from a crossable - sexually compatible organism. Intragenesis is a genetic modification of a recipient organism that involves insertion of a reorganized, full or partial coding region of a gene frequently combined with a promoter and/or terminator from another gene of same species or a crossable species - Category: Agriculture
  • R-Avr Genes Interactions and Plant Defense System ( 1052 reads)   

    Host plant having Resistance gene and corresponding gene in the pathogen is Avirulence gene, their interaction play curcial role in plant defense system. - Category: Agriculture

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