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Author: Smyl Smyl

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City: Bangalore | State: India

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Articles by Smyl Smyl:
  • Insulin : Journey of the Only Hormone Which Reduces Blood Sugar ( 2609 reads)   

    Insulin is an important hormone in reducing blood sugar . Genetic engineering has made it easy to produce using bacterial cell. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Making Cheese Using Genetic Engineering ( 7020 reads)   

    How is milk converted into cheese? Rennin is an important enzyme used in cheese making. Earlier it used to be extracted from calf stomach now it is possible to manufacture through genetic engineering. Clifton Paul Fadiman states Cheese-milk, leap towards immortality, the art of cheese making utilizes the labor of millions of microorganisms. - Category: Biotechnology products
  • Immune System: The Army Behind Our Body Health | SCID Disorder ( 2700 reads)   

    Immunology is a vast area to get familiarize with and here is quick look into it( study about immune defense system). SCID is one of the inherited immune disorder, gene therapy is offering solution to it.... - Category: Biotech Research
  • Hybridized Plants from Different Species Using Genetic Engineering ( 3010 reads)   

    Crossing the Species Barrier in Plants - Genetic engineering has made it now possible to hybridise plants from different species - Category: Agriculture
  • Mutations Leading to Disorder and Disease ( 3143 reads)   

    Alterations Leading to the Cause of the Disease - Mutation is that permanent change happening in gene DNA which can not only cause the disease but also can be transferred to the next generation!!! - Category: Genetics
  • Factors Influencing the Genetic Makeup ( 4017 reads)   

    The Mysterious Truth of One's Identity - Gene is made up of DNA(de oxy ribonucleic acid) and is a part of our genome. Genome is the entire stretch of information an organism derives from its parents and expresses through its existence. - Category: Genetics
  • How is Your Gene Doing? Biotechnology has Answers !! ( 2565 reads)   

    How are you doing is one of the obvious question we ask when learnt that someone is either ill or not feeling good. As we move on a time might come where we might ask a person how your gene is doing to assess his health! Thanks to the vast research and expertise obtained in the field of biotechnology. - Category: Genetics

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