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Author: Vinay Sharma

No Photo Total Articles: 5 | Total Views: 1774 | Points Scored: 4,274

City: Jorhat | State: Jorhat , Assam


Articles by Vinay Sharma:
  • A Proteomic Road to Acquire Improvement in Crop Productivity [PDF] ( 251 reads)   

    The contribution of proteomic studies to our understanding of stress response mechanisms in different plant organs and tissues. The resilience of crop plants in the context of climate changes is absolutely essential to reach significant achievements in genomics-driven breeding of major crops for high productivity and stress tolerance. Moreover, dealing with complex and dynamic plant proteomes, it is crucial to choose suitable proteomic approaches targeting the identification of proteins and their modification that may contribute to crop improvement. - Category: Biotech Research
  • Genetics of Submergence Tolerance in Rice [PDF] ( 357 reads)   

    Flash floods or short-term submergence regularly affect around 15 million hectares of rice (Oryza sativaL.) growing areas in South and Southeast Asia. A major QTL (Sub1) explaining about 70% of phenotypic variation in submergence tolerance has been identified and mapped on chromosome 9 in the submergence tolerant cultivar - Category: Genetics
  • Genetic Engineering-Dream or Nightmare? [PDF] ( 362 reads)   

    Is genetic engineering a modern magic wand, responsible for producing fantastic crops. The spectacular diversity of flower colour shape and scent has been interpreted as part of a dynamic conversation between plants and pollinating animals . Unfortunately , limited colour and genetic variation of wild species has been a challenge in bringing novelty in floriculture industry. However , flower colour modification through molecular methods have now become a reality , challenge remain in generating more stable lines and viable pollens that can be used hybridize naturally occurring cultivars - Category: Genetics
  • Synthetic Biology - New Reform in the Biotechnological Approaches [PDF] ( 291 reads)   

    Synthetic biology is still a nascent technology, but it shows a good power tool. Synthetic biology is trying to build on more than three decades of the knowledge of new biology. Synthetic biology is about putting together entirely different genetic circuits together in one organism to produce desired functions. Design life forms would certainly be a dream come-true for modern day biologists. Although millions of years of evolution in nature, which has put together quite a few excellent organism to carry out many useful functions and duties to keep this planet buzzing, that same nature has also not mastered efficiency and proficiency in all that it has accomplished. This is where designing new organisms through synthetic biology comes into play. - Category: Applications
  • RNAi Technology with Reference to Antiviral Immunity Directed by Small RNAs ( 513 reads)   

    RNA silencing is a nucleotide sequence-specific process that induces mRNA degradation; it is extremely useful tool for gene silencing in plant and animal. This antiviral immunity involves production of virus-derived small interfering RNAs (viRNAs) and results in specific processing of viruses by viRNA-guided effector complexes. Many proteins are required for virus induced immunity pathway in both prokaryote and eukaryotes - Category: Genetics

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